Hospital Consulting Services

Hospitals today are short-staffed, underfunded, and mired in "must-do" projects that can take huge amounts of time to complete due to complexity and collaboration. Medication management is one of those projects.

After conducting empirical research with hospitals across the United States, DrFirst recognized the need to offer reasonably priced consulting services focused on helping hospitals swiftly achieve Meaningful Use objectives through medication management for their facility.

As the nation's leader in providing medical history and e-prescribing to the healthcare industry, we're pleased to offer DrFirst Hospital Consulting Services.


  • Our goal is to solve problems
  • DrFirst consultants supplement your staff's time and expertise, and will train your staff in areas to design the tools for successful implementation
  • Our support can help prevent future problems and limit financial obligations while promoting patient safety

DrFirst Hospital Consulting Services Offers:

Readiness Assessment

DrFirst consultants will offer MEDITECH hospitals and MPM customers a remote MEDITECH experienced-based readiness assessment. This assessment is designed to evaluate the condition of your hospital and the potential for electronic prescribing. It will also help your organization achieve and speed up the goal of implementing electronic prescribing. The assessment report will then define the gaps in the current state and make the recommendations for your future state. The recommendations provided will result in a better understanding of how to implement and improve your electronic prescribing implementation. Best practices include the latest and most up-to-date practices recommended by MEDITECH and DrFirst and will be detailed in the Readiness Assessment.

"Go Live"

DrFirst offers hospital and MPM customers on-site assistance for 24 to 48 hours during the "Go Live" implementation with any DrFirst product. This service is designed to help clients when they first use DrFirst medication history and e-prescribing software in a "live" environment.

Consulting Services

DrFirst's experienced staff helps hospitals and MPM customers decrease the amount of time it takes to begin using medical history and e-prescribing software in a "live" environment by clean up, optimizations, and by building supporting modules. This service is offered following a Readiness Assessment and is particularly helpful to customers tight on resources.

DRx Alert

The DRx Alert service monitors the electronic prescription interface throughput of hospitals utilizing the DrFirst semi-integrated or fully-integrated e-prescribing software. DRx Alert provides notifications to appropriate hospital staff when interface volumes fall below statistically pre-defined thresholds alerting you before someone else does. The DRx Alert service monitors the complete loop from the MEDITECH interface jobs, interface engines, and network connectivity, all of which have the potential to slow down or sometimes fail. This service is crucial for handling potential interface issues before patients ever become impacted.

Case Studies

Medication Management Case Study - Northfield Hospital and ClinicsNorthfield Hospital and Clinics
Medication management case study - Southwest MedicalSouthwest Medical Center

Hospital Consulting Services FAQs

Who are the DrFirst Hospital Services Group?

With over 50 fully integrated MEDITECH/MPM e-prescribing customer implementations and 35+ years of combined MEDITECH/MPM experience, our team of experts is dedicated to identifying key issues and provide time saving knowledge as it relates to medication management and e-prescribing integration with MEDITECH/MPM. DrFirst is a vendor partner with MEDITECH/MPM, placing our staff in a unique position to diagnose and resolve e-prescribing issues quickly. E-prescribing is made up of many moving parts, some of which have likely been in place many years before e-prescribing was a consideration. Our team is specialized in knowing the issues that complicate e-prescribing implementations and will help to streamline issues as you implement and ultimately e-prescribe.

What is a Hospital Services Readiness Assessment?

A Readiness Assessment is a comprehensive review of your MEDITECH/MPM system as it relates to e-prescribing. The Readiness Assessment has recommendations to guide your facility to the most successful e-prescribing implementation starting from where your build stands currently. While as an industry we would prefer to simply offer best practice standards for e-prescribing, DrFirst Hospital Services Group has found that each MEDITECH/MPM site has been influenced by years of customization to meet a particular organization's objectives. Sometimes, DrFirst encounters sites that built RXM for a project years ago only to find the decisions made might have had negative implications for e-prescribing. That said, we do not offer a set white paper for best practice as we have found each site to be so unique. Our assessment will evaluate your current build for e-prescribing performance. Moving forward with e-prescribing implementations, most sites will be able to make moderate changes to get up and running in an expedited timeframe.

When is the best time during the E-Prescribing implementation for a Readiness Assessment?

The DrFirst Hospital Services Group team members are personally familiar with the rigors of a typical and not so typical MEDITECH implementation. Many sites have the Readiness Assessment done a month before going live as a pre-LIVE check of the build. Other sites prefer to have an assessment done before even having the RXM module delivered. DrFirst Hospital Services Group is willing and able to make recommendations no matter where you are in your implementation. DrFirst will be happy to talk through the pros and cons of the timing to aid in your evaluation as to 'when' the best time for DrFirst to begin the evaluation.