E-prescribing of Controlled Substances for Hospitals

EPCS Gold℠ 2.0 the industry-leading platform for controlled substance e-prescribing

E-prescribing of controlled substances is the fastest-growing segment of e-prescribing. DrFirst is the first-mover and industry-leader in controlled substance e-prescribing, which has been legal at the Federal level since 2010. Controlled substance e-prescribing is growing at a phenomenal rate, with providers in nearly every U.S. state now actively e-prescribing controlled substances through independent pharmacies as well as national chains including Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS.

DrFirst enables hospitals to add controlled substance e-prescribing functionality as a seamless component of your IT capabilities, including:

  • E-prescribing of Schedule II-V drugs
  • Ensuring Medications are checked for clinical and formulary edits
  • Clinical alerts for drug and allergy interactions
  • Clinical alerts for dosing and duplicate therapies
  • Clinical alerts for conditions, such as pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Eliminating potential transcription and pharmacy errors

Benefits of E-prescribing Controlled Substances

  • Reduce interruptions to discharge e-prescribing workflow with a single process for legend and controlled substance prescribing
  • Reduce risk of fraud and abuse by eliminating paper prescription pads
  • Reduce wrongful death and malpractice lawsuits by increasing prescribing efficacy
  • Gain powerful reporting tools to support your hospital in the event of audits

Protect Your Hospital with Unmatched E-prescribing Security

  • Compliant with DEA IFR Part 1311 and NIST-SP-800-63-1 Level 3 two-factor authentication and identity proofing requirements and process
  • DEA IFR Part 1311: 3rd-party audit approved
  • Hard and/or soft token options
  • Unique pin and e-signature for each transaction
  • Secure transmission to pharmacy
  • World class partnerships for IDP and IT security with Experian and Symantec

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