Get the Right Data to the
Right Doctor at the Right Time

Medication Management

Accurate Data and Greater Functionality at Point of Encounter and Across Providers

80% of patients require drug therapy to improve or maintain their health, making medication management integral to achieving better health outcomes. Patient health is improved, and the patient experience enhanced, when all providers have the best-available clinical view of their patient.

Primary care doctors, specialists, acute care providers, and follow-on care providers need immediate access to accurate patient data and high-value functionality to serve patients at the point of care. And they also need to securely share patient information across all of the patient’s providers.

The “Check, Prescribe, Monitor” medication management approach gets the right data, to the right doctor, at the right time.

Market-Leading Software for Improved Medication Management

Medication management is core to our commitment to giving doctors tools that enhance patient safety, reduce medication errors, support better admission, discharge and transition of care processes, and streamline communications between providers. We create best-in-class solutions that advance current standards across the medication management spectrum.