E-Prescribing on Your Mobile Device.
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Mobile E-Prescribing is Here

You already understand the value of e-prescribing over writing paper prescriptions.

Now prescribing gets even more convenient for physicians and patients. You no longer have to be at work — or even on your laptop — to send a new script, refill, or renewal to the pharmacy. You can do it from your bed in the middle of the night, a restaurant, the beach, or the golf course. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, an internet connection, and the iPrescribe℠ app.

Like any app, iPrescribe is simple and user friendly. And free . . . if you are an Rcopia user. (If you use Rcopia, don’t waste one more second — go to the App Store or Google Play and download it now!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the app?

Yes, you need to be online to send prescriptions.

Can I use iPrescribe for both legend drug and controlled substance prescriptions?

Yes, the app is enabled for both so you can prescribe everything in one place.

Is medication history available through the app?

Yes, up to two years of complete medication history is accessible.

Can office staff use the app?

Both clinical and non-clinical staff can log in to the app, but will have limited access. Only a credentialed provider can sign and send prescriptions.

Can a staff member create the prescription and save it so I can just sign and send later?


Can I see pending prescriptions and renewals of other providers in my practice?

Yes, and you can filter by provider.

Is there a “favorites” list?

We take it one step further than favorites. The app uses two state-of-the-art smart technologies:

1) SmartSearch – When you start typing a drug name, the app suggests medications based on your specialty (e.g., pediatricians will see names of pediatric drugs, psychiatrists will see psychiatric drugs).

2) SmartStrings – Remembers sig information for commonly written prescriptions and fills it in for you so you just have to check and approve; there’s no extensive typing on your mobile device screen.

Will data in the app be reflected in my EHR, in addition to Rcopia?

This can be set up; we just need to consult about the details.

What if I work in multiple practices?

You can see data from all of them in the app, and easily toggle between them.

Can I print a prescription?

Not at this time.

I'm Ready -- How Do I Get iPrescribe?

If you already use Rcopia for e-prescribing, don’t waste one more second — go to the App Store or Google Play and download it for free now! Log in with your Rcopia credentials and you will automatically see your patient data in the app.

If you aren’t using Rcopia for e-prescribing, one of our consultants can help you decide if it’s an appropriate solution for you. Learn about Rcopia and contact us for a consultation.

If you use the e-prescribing function in your EHR and are firmly dedicated to it, we will soon be able to set up iPrescribe to work with your system. Check back with us in early 2017 for details.

If you don’t yet have e-prescribing set up in your office or facility and aren’t ready to purchase a solution, iPrescribe is available as a stand-alone program. Register here.

See iPrescribe in Action

E-Prescribe in a few simple clicks from anywhere in the world!

You’ll never pull out that prescription pad again.