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Rcopia E-Prescribing for Practices

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Rcopia® is the #1 e-prescribing, medication history and adherence monitoring solution in the country. Over 40,000 providers and 300+ EHR vendors trust DrFirst to deliver to retail and mail order pharmacies nationwide more than 70 million prescriptions annually.

According to a Medical Group Management Association study, e-prescribing creates an average annual savings of $15,769 per full-time equivalent physician working at the practice. Key for staff support, Rcopia has been shown to save practices an average of two hours of administrative work daily — valuable time that can be used to support other tasks.

Rcopia is Feature-rich for Enhanced Clinical Care

  • E-Prescribe legend drugs and controlled substances (with EPCS Gold 2.0 add-on) and send securely to any pharmacy via desktop, laptop or mobile
  • Easy-to-use interface supporting provider preferences and auto-populated fields to reduce the need to re-key information
  • Prevent fraud and abuse with access to 2 years of patient medication history
  • Clinical decision support including drug/allergy interactions, formulary compliance, dose checking, duplicate therapy alerts, and conditions like pregnancy and lactation
  • Seamlessly order labs and radiology reports
  • Split scripts for retail and mail-order pharmacies
  • Reduce pharmacy call-backs due to formulary or illegibility errors
  • Centralized hub for processing prescription renewal requests
  • 24/7 monitoring of script delivery and immediate error escalation to practice/provider
  • Monitor patient medication adherence and take advantage of free patient education resources, co-pay and prescription coupons, and other adherence tools for better patient outcomes

We’re Here for You and Your Practice

Rcopia is designed by doctors, for doctors. Our goals are to help you provide excellent care, create time and cost savings for your practice, and minimize disruption to your existing practice workflows.

Rcopia is ranked the #1 stand-alone e-prescribing system by Black Book Rankings. We provide user training at no additional charge. And we’re always on call with 24/7 customer support.

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Rcopia and EPCS Gold combine legend and controlled drug prescribing in a single workflow to help providers comply with I-STOP. To purchase an annual license to web-based Rcopia and EPCS Gold for each prescriber in your practice, enter the number of prescribers below and select optional add-ons designed to help make your practice even more efficient.

One-year license for web-based Rcopia and EPCS Gold includes:

  • Patient medication history data
  • Current formulary information
  • Drug-drug/drug-allergy alerts
  • Pharmacy database
  • Identity-proofing in compliance with DEA Interim Final Rule and NIST
  • EPCS soft token (for use on a smart phone or internet browser)
  • 24/7/365 telephone and email support
  • Basic training session

x $799 annually

Additional Services

Make the most of Rcopia and EPCS by importing your current patient demographic data from your existing practice management system.
Add to order (+$299 One time)

Purchase a one-hour dedicated training session to enhance the training materials that are included with your EPCS Gold license. This training session is conducted over the phone and internet and is scheduled at time that is convenient for you and your staff.
Add to order (+$149 One time)

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Benefits of Rcopia E-prescribing

Family Physician Dr. Kevin Gill Shares How E-Prescribing With Rcopia Has Benefited His Patients and Practice


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