Rcopia E-prescribing System

Beyond E-prescribing to Advanced Clinical Care

Studies show that electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) is the simplest way to significantly improve patient safety and reduce rising medication costs*. Rcopia® from DrFirst, goes beyond providing the best e-prescribing solution** on the market to give you additional features and tools to provide advanced clinical care to help improve patient outcomes, increase practice efficiency and maximize cost savings. DrFirst stands at the forefront of e- prescribing solutions companies, and is recognized as a leader in this space across the healthcare industry. We provide comprehensive eRx software solutions that are designed to simply your workflow, greatly enhance your clinical outcomes with cutting edge clinical decision support, and help your practice save time with comprehensive prescription management solutions.

Benefits of Rcopia E-prescribing

  • Increase Quality of Care and Improve Patient Safety
    Rcopia, DrFirst’s e-prescribing system alerts you to clinical errors at the point-of-care, to assist providers in making informed decisions and avoid adverse drug events. With the Akario Mail℠ feature of Rcopia, practices can coordinate with other care team providers to send HIPAA-compliant messages, images, referrals, electronic lab results, and more.
  • Improve Medication Adherence Rates
    Rcopia features Patient Advisor, a console that improves patient outcomes with patient education, co-pay and prescription coupons, adherence and more. Plus, a 2012 study published by Surescripts shows that the use of e-prescribing increases the probability that new prescriptions are picked up by the patient.*** Learn more about Patient Advisor.
  • Save Time. Be More Profitable.
    Utilizing DrFirst's industry leading best practices and Rcopia for electronic prescriptions can save the average practice two hours per day through workflow efficiencies, elimination of callbacks, and more. With these time savings, physicians and staff can focus on billable activities that result in payments. A Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) study found that electronic prescribing results in an average savings of 336.7 hours and $15,769 per full time equivalent (FTE) physician per year.
  • Avoid Penalties and Earn Incentive Payments
    E-prescribing is becoming the industry standard. Don't get left behind or penalized! Medicare providers can quickly and easily avoid costly Federal MIPPA (Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act) payment reductions to their billings for not e-prescribing by implementing Rcopia. Practices eligible for “Meaningful Use” incentive payments can also upgrade to RcopiaMU℠, DrFirst’s ONC-ATCB certified solution to earn up to $63,750 in Medicare or Medicaid incentives through the ARRA HITECH Act. Learn more about RcopiaMU.
  • Prevent Fraud and Drug Shopping
    DrFirst gives you access to your patient’s medication history which may help prevent drug shopping, as well as an electronic record of all scripts sent from you and your staff. In addition with EPCS Gold , you can legally send controlled substance prescriptions (depending on State regulations). Learn more about EPCS Gold.

E-prescribing in Action

Dr. Kevin Gil explains how his patients and practice have benefited from e-prescribing with Rcopia.

Rcopia is the Most Decorated E-prescribing System on the Market

  • Black Book 2013 State of the e-Prescribing Industry
    • #1 Standalone E-prescribing Vendor
    • ONC-ATCB Certification
    • eRx Certification
  • Frost & Sullivan Awards
    • Customer Service Leadership Award
    • Health IT of the Year Award
  • Surescripts
    • Gold Solution Certified
    • White Coat of Quality Award
    • Safe-Rx Award
  • TEPR Top Honors 3 Years

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Sources: (*) Study by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

(**) Black Book 2013 State of the e-Prescribing Industry

(***) Study: E-Prescribing Shown to Improve Outcomes and Save Healthcare System Billions of Dollars