Case Studies and Video Testimonials

E-prescribing Video Case Studies

  • Dr. Kevin Gil talks about how e-prescribing has improved his practice and patient care.
  • Dr. Khetan shares his experience with e-prescribing and upgrading to an EHR.
  • The first public demonstration of e-prescribing of controlled substances.
  • How Henry Ford Health Systems benefited from e-prescribing with DrFirst.
  • Physicians and staff members benefit from using e-prescribing from DrFirst.
  • DrFirst partners with the ABC to bring e-prescribing to its members!
  • Dr. Elana Rios talks bout the NHMA and DrFirst partnership to offer e-prescribing to its members!
  • DrFirst e-prescribing available through AMA's online platform.
  • AHRQ Health IT Success Stories - Forging a Pathway for E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances.

E-prescribing Case Studies

Meaningful Use Videos

  • RcopiaMU qualifies you for Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments.
  • DrFirst takes the "Monster" out of "Meaningful Use" and Medicare penalties.
  • Nicole Laviera's practice successfully attested for Meaningful Use incentives using RcopiaMU and AttestEasy.
  • How RcopiaMU, AttestEasy, and Meaningful Use incentive payments helped keep East Grand Health Center in Danforth, Maine from closing their doors.

Meaningful Use Case Studies

"I have been using Rcopia e-prescribing for 3 years thru BCBS of Michigan and find the system to be very "user friendly" and comfortable for me and my staff to use."

R. M. Soderstrom, M.D.

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A quote from Oncology Business Review, May 2009
The Sacramento Center for Hematology and Medical Oncology in California started writing scripts electronically in 2004 when local pharmacies were not as prepared as they are today for e-transactions. In as much as the technology has helped the group more safely track and fill scripts and manage cancer patients who see multiple doctors, there have been bumps. For example, getting all of the clinicians onboard to use the technology took some time, said Robert Miller, MD, the Center's President. He thought that practices yet to adopt the technology should expect some resistance.

The Center uses [Rcopia from DrFirst], a Web-based system physicians can access remotely, and one which is available through a contract to all US Oncology network practices. By the time the Center joined the US Oncology network in late 2005 it began experiencing workflow rewards. It retired its answering machine prescription line that year, and by Dr. Miller's estimates, doing so saved the group about 30 minutes a day checking messages. "From an MD standpoint, I can't really quantify how this extra time has helped me, but from the staff standpoint, managing refills with e-prescribing has had a favorable impact on our FTEs." Before e-prescribing, Dr. Miller said the group would have likely had to have replaced a staff member who left the group.

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A quote from E-Prescribing Shopper, in response to Why E-Prescribing Hasn't Caught On
"(Usability) and how long it takes to get comfortable with e-prescribing is all dependent on the e-prescribing system you use. My practice tried the "free" option out there for a couple of months because, of course, it was free. But all of the issues that people have brought up are only issues I experience with Nepsi/Allscripts. We've recently installed DrFirst and can honestly say that we are no longer experiencing the same problems, i.e. hard to find pharmacies, or sending prescriptions to mail order pharmacies, preventing sig instruction errors, and data server crashes.

Basically, all of the problems you guys have discussed are issues with your VENDOR, NOT a generalization of all e-prescribing. (After) a couple of months attempting to use Allscripts and wanting to pull out our hair, we got rid of it but knew we still had to do it and explored other options. We shopped around and decided to go with DrFirst because they have the most users in my area (Massachusetts) and they've been endorsed by numerous medical societies, including the Massachusetts Medical Society. Anyways, when we implemented DrFirst, we got a live web training session and there is always customer support available. In the beginning, it took time to get use to, but I can honestly say after about a month my staff members were comfortable with the system and can now see the benefits of what e-prescribing is MEANT to have. I've never had a problem sending a prescription to a local pharmacy, it's easy to send prescriptions to mail order pharmacies if my patients have mail order eligibility bc the mail order will pop up without having to search for the mail order pharmacy. My staff members can follow up on renewals from my pharmacies for me without me having to figure out a way for them to view them, it's automatic.

Please don't generalize all e-prescribing. What people need to realize is that NOT ALL e-prescribing vendors are the same, and if you've tried one and were unsuccessful, don't let it discourage you from changing your system! As for advice, it does waste time to try a new system only to find out it doesn't work for you, so avoid Nepsi, and make sure you do your research before deciding to implement a system. Taking a little more care in the research stages will save you time in the long run!"

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"We are thrilled to be adding Rcopia e-prescribing functionality to our GRIPAConnect web portal in support of our clinically integrated physician network here in Rochester, NY. This patient centric, fully integrated implementation of DrFirst's e-prescribing application, will provide a shared patient medication record across our GRIPA provider community helping us to reach our goal of providing quality patient care at a lower cost. DrFirst was willing to work together with Docsite, our clinical decision support vendor, and GRIPA to ensure an on-time and on-budget implementation to meet the demand of our network. DrFirst was an outstanding vendor to work with we look forward to a successful roll-out of this product."

Victoria Viglucci
Chief Information Officer
Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association
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"The iPhone and Rcopia work great together. When I was on weekend call, I was able to pull up RcopiaMini while speaking to the patients. I even sent the prescription while speaking to the patients. Patients are always commenting on how convenient and "cool" eprescribing is."

Dr. Garriga
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"I would like to give a brief synopsis of our training with your team this past week at Midwest Health Center in Dearborn. We are a technology naive institution, and have undertaken the DrFirst project recently in partnership with BCBSM. [Working with] the DrFirst deployment team has been a very rewarding experience. We started the first day with our internet going down, yet the team enthusiastically continued meeting with our staff and used alternative teaching methods to get the information across. The second day was a dramatic improvement from the implementation standpoint, as our internet was back in service, and their instruction and rapid understanding of our corporate culture resulted in a great learning environment. They were everywhere in our clinic, attending to all the problems and barriers, so by the third day, we were truly up and running. The super user training was highly interactive, informative, and successful.

I commend you for the quality of the team we had, and as this is my 4th iteration of bringing technology to a company; this was my smoothest effort yet. Your team was respectful yet assertive in the training, allowing our teams to break through the areas of fear of using the technology. I look forward to continuing to use this, and am happy to update you in several months on our progress."

Thomas A. Raskauskas, M.D. - Medical Director
Midwest Health Center, P.C. - Dearborn, MI ^back to top

"I really think [DrFirst has] a very good product and when the topic comes up with other physicians etc., I continue to recommend your product. Support and communication is a big part of it. "

Dr. Ed Dean ^back to top

"When covering for my colleague during his extended recovery from emergency surgery, I was left with the daunting task of managing his busy practice. My colleague routinely saw more than 120 patients a week, about 4 times my patient volume. Luckily he left me with his Rcopia E-Prescription management system.

Without Rcopia, I would not have been able to manage. I received more than 35 requests a day for prescription refills, each in need of several medications. Not only were the patients upset about their psychiatrist's illness, they were also very concerned about the possibility of running out of their medication. They were relieved to learn that I knew not only what they were taking, but also the dosage, number of refills, pharmacy information, and even their address.

On more than one occasion, the information provided by a patient over the telephone was incorrect. In another situation, a local mental health agency outreach nurse gave me a dosage that turned out to be twice the prescribed dosage. In all of these instances, I was able to rely on Rcopia for the correct dosages.

What did I learn from this experience? Anyone can get sick and be otherwise unavailable. Patient records might not be clear or available and Information from other sources can be unreliable.

After this experience, I quickly signed up for Rcopia, as it makes a huge difference in being able to maintain a continuum of patient care."

Jay M. Pomerantz, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry - Harvard Medical School ^back to top

"We at HAP are proud to be involved as a catalyst and pacesetter in a collaborative program that has proved its worth to members and patients, providers and employers. All of us must work together - businesses, the health care industry and consumers - to find solutions to controlling health care costs. Rcopia is a real life example of a collaboration that's contributing to higher quality and a more cost-effective delivery system in Michigan"

Matt Walsh
Associate VP of purchaser initiatives at Health Alliance Plan,
a subsidiary of Henry Ford Health System ^back to top

"Rcopia is a great benefit to patients in many ways. It enhances patient safety by alerting prescribing physicians of possible drug interactions and provides cost savings to patients by informing prescribing physicians about generic alternatives and preferred medications on a patient's medical insurance."

Dr. John Connors
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"The use of electronic prescribing for prescription medications has never been more important. By utilizing this technology we can save dollars for patients and improve the quality of health care here in Michigan."

Jennifer Granholm,
Governor of Michigan ^back to top

"Patient safety, significant error reduction, efficiency, less data entry and less repetitive work for our staff are just few of the benefits that electronic prescribing has brought to our practice. Electronic prescribing is a low-risk and low-cost introduction to technology that will eventually be integral to electronic medical records, and I would recommend physicians consider this technology for their practice and their patients."

Alberto Sobrado, M.D ^back to top

"Rcopia technology has the potential to improve one of the most basic parts of the medical process and is one of the last aspects of the health care system to use information technology."

Paul A. Kaplan,
Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware ^back to top

"Physicians were able to use DrFirst (Rcopia solution) for all their patients - not just for CareFirst members. The initiative has proven successful in reducing potentially dangerous drug interactions and in saving money."

Winston Wong,
Pharm.D., CareFirst associate vice president for pharmacy management ^back to top

"[Rcopia] improves safety. It is quick and patients love it."

Dr. Surjeet Singh,
Henry Ford Health System ^back to top

"[Rcopia] represents an important step forward in patients' care and safety."

Dr. Viorel Lupu,
Taylor Internal Medicine ^back to top

"[Rcopia] has facilitated medication reconciliation in my office, a process to ensure patient safety."

Dr. Beth Fisher, Christiana Care ^back to top

"[Rcopia] provides for improved quality of clinical care, safety, and efficiency in the physician's office and the pharmacy while reducing adverse drug events, prescribing and filling errors. It is simple to learn and allows physicians to create appropriate, HIPAA compliant, legible and safe prescriptions that can be produced faster than written prescriptions in most situations. Patient confidentiality is maintained as communications with the pharmacist are electronic and not overheard as with telephone conversations. Office prescription renewal telephone lines can be virtually eliminated and refills that used to take 10 -15 minutes to complete now only take 30 seconds. e-Prescribing saves upwards of at least 2-3 hours per day of physician pharmacy and staff time thus allowing staff to be redeployed to take on other needed patient care functions. This in itself increases staff morale and retention. In addition, e-prescribing prepares physicians and their staffs for transitioning to a totally electronic medical record, future payment for performance models that will be electronically driven, and potentially increased third party reimbursements for utilizing electronic technology."

Paul A. Martin D.O.,
Forest Park Family Care Center ^back to top

"Rcopia is efficient, fast and time savings for me and my staff, I highly recommend it."

Dr. William Larsen,
Northwest Family Physicians, P.A. ^back to top

"[Rcopia] has played a key role in streamlining our practice. It has increased efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of our Rxs."

Jane Kim PA-C,
Potomac Physician Associates ^back to top

"In addition to reducing the number of prescriptions that I need to write by hand, the other satisfying aspect of using [Rcopia] is the gratitude of my patients due to the increased convenience for them."

Dr. David Krasner,
Family Practice Associates PA ^back to top

"After using Rcopia for six hours, I can't imagine ever going back to paper prescriptions. While I'm sure that I still have work to do to get my patients and pharmacies up to speed with e-prescribing, Rcopia is a pleasure to use."

Michael D. Robinson, MD ^back to top

"I want to thank you for the outstanding service you and your staff have provided our physicians and nurse practitioners...Our providers have expressed great satisfaction with the training and service you have provided them. I feel confident that they will use DrFirst successfully."

Cheryl Sidelinker,
Executive Director, Emerson PHO/IPA ^back to top

"Thanks for sending people for training. I LOVE Rcopia!"

Jeffrey R. Abrams, MD FACP,
Bluemont Nephrology Associates ^back to top

"DrFirst Rcopia is the heir apparent and gold standard for e-prescribing..." (as seen on

David Winn, M.D., FAAFP,
CEO/Founder, e-MDs ^back to top

"Our doctors can access Rcopia through a tablet PC while they are seeing patients. The software is very easy to learn and use. Our patients benefit because e-Prescribing gives our physicians the information they need to make appropriate prescribing decisions based on patient medication history, allergies and insurance coverage. Also, prescriptions can be sent directly to the pharmacy of the patient's choice, so patients don't have to carry paper prescriptions to the pharmacy. We are using data and automation to improve a process that directly impacts patient care."

Mark Kelley, M.D.,
Executive Vice President at Henry Ford and CEO of the Henry Ford Medical Group ^back to top

"We are reaping the fruits of this fax-to-internet transition, and have a new ability to track formulary compliance, number of scripts, and other data from DrFirst which will put us in control of the process of pharmacy management rather than the insurance companies. Moreover, we are convinced that by moving patient requests for refills through this system out to the pharmacies and unburdening physician's staff, our members will save administrative money and make their offices more productive."

Paul Brough, Executive Director
Physicians of Cape Cod, IPA ^back to top

DrFirst is a real neat program. I have the Palm as well as the Web version. The Palm version allows me to prescribe to any pharmacy in the country. I have a database of all my patients from my 2 offices. When I see a patient I can write my Rx in real time. When sent it goes to the pharmacy by fax or through Surescripts. Formulary coverage is checked automatically. I must say I have eliminated virtually all call back by pharmacists for medication clarification. This program is a great help when you receive the call at night about a patient and are unfamiliar with the medications he is on. Rcopia keeps track of all the meds prescribed. Additionally it will give me all the meds a patient has been on for the past 10 yrs if needed, more enhanced on the web version, needless to say it has been a great help with the drug seekers. Rcopia is integrated with ePocrates and I can jump back and forth for dosage clarification. The support has been excellent...I had the company upload my entire patient database from both offices approx 50K patients. The formularies are very up to date. They are actually checked real time with RXHUB.

I can do everything on the computer. I access all my info from either my Treo 600 or the DRFIRST website, which is a secure site. I can see any patient in the practice, their last visit, doctor seen and meds prescriber...Their customer service has been Excellent." (as seen on

Marc Chasin, M.D.
Vice President Medical Affairs
Bon Secours Charity Health System, Good Samaritan Hospital ^back to top

"The new version (of Rcopia) is terrific. The added formularies are a great asset."

McRae W. Williams, M.D.
AMFA, Baltimore ^back to top

"DrFirst Rcopia is one of the easiest computer applications I've ever used. I would definitely recommend it to others. It pays for itself right away."

Dr. Sivaram Yamajala,
Lowell, MA ^back to top

"I can tell you from our standpoint, the implementation of DrFirst was flawless and smooth. DrFirst delivered everything they committed to, if not more. Physicians are actually using the product, as we have been tracking the number of prescriptions generated. I have no doubt that we will see more cost effective prescribing, a more efficient personnel in the physician office and pharmacy, and improved patient care from a patient safety stand point."

Winston Wong Pharm.D.
Director, Pharmacy Management
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield ^back to top

"With DrFirst Rcopia's direct connections to pharmacies and health plans, it's been an incredible time saver. My staff particularly loves the ease of prescription writing now. I am thrilled with the extra time it provides me to see more patients."

Dr. Kevin Gil
Rockville, MD ^back to top

"In the thirty seconds it took another doctor's nurse to dial the pharmacy, I completed and sent six refill requests with DrFirst Rcopia!"

Dr. Joel Temme
Alexandria, VA ^back to top

"I have found DrFirst not only responsive to suggested changes to the PDA program but more importantly incredibly responsive to providing support and training based upon my experience in my two physician OBG private practice. We have implemented this patient safety prescription solution (Rcopia) as a low cost stand alone prior to any consideration of an EMR. This solution can be later integrated or imbedded when you find the all inclusive perfect EMR. In sum, from my view point, this is a no-brainer decision as it provides improved patient safety in a cost effective and physician friendly manner."

Mark R. Fracasso, MD
Women's HealthCare Associates ^back to top

"We love Rcopia. Our contact with DrFirst has been through William who is our account manager. He is knowledgeable, professional and a delight to work with. Knowing that faxes are being monitored like this is the ultimate. We cannot thank you enough for the product and the service."

Pamela Schafer, MD
California ^back to top

"I use a program called Rcopia that is available from I have also used a similar program in the past called iScribe. I prefer the Rcopia program because it links to ePocrates so that I can select a drug and hit the Ref button on my Treo screen and be taken directly to the drug info on ePocrates. I can use the ePocrates drug calculator if I need to and then seamlessly switch back to the RCopia program. The IPA that I am president of cut a deal with the company to license our physicians to use the software. They've been very good at taking our practice data and getting it loaded into the Treo/Palms. I carry around my entire practice's roster of 10,000 patients, their DOB and phone #'s. That alone is almost priceless."

Long Island, New York ^back to top

"I use DrFirst, and it is great. This is the 3rd e-prescription program I have used over the last 3 years, and it is the best. Previously I had used E-Physician for a few years until they went out of business. I also used On-Call Data for a few months, but when [the] Mass Medical Society promoted DrFirst, I tried it and found it to be the most comprehensive and efficient program."

Alan B. Silken, M.D. ^back to top

"Rcopia e-prescribing on my TREO 600 has not only replaced my Rx pad, it has changed my whole way of prescribing. I would never go back. I have a critical piece of all my patients charts wherever I go, I never wait on hold for the pharmacy and have a record of every Rx I write."

Steven M. Schwartz, MD Georgetown University School of Medicine ^back to top